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Meet and Agree

The Austins love to meet and interact with people moreso in their natural environment. A visit to the studio is always encouraged to try out the collection, assess comfort levels and identify their inherent likings and preferences.
A sincere effort is made at lucid Client understanding and inclinations. Thoughts are exchanged, ideas are put-forth, analysed and concept visualized in the presence of master craftsmen, interior designers and the execution team. A consensus is reached before undertaking the site visit.

Idea & Concept

Many a time there is disparity in visualization and actual client setting. The Austins make Site Visit a must to fully comprehend the requirements and do complete justice to the project. Ideation and concept visualization is objectified on visit to the clients place to understand the topology for the placement of the furniture arrangement for a harmonious synchronization of all the individual elements.
Keeping in mind the location, the purpose, the settings and the overall ambience, ideas and concepts are further refined to fully meet the client requirements in the most aesthetic way be it contemporary, traditional or a blend of the two.

Design & Create

Getting down to the works, the Austins source the best eco-friendly materials to design and create. The finest quality Italian leather is made use to create exquisite timeless pieces.
The craftsmanship and skill of the artisans is further epitomised by the Austins passion for excellence, attention to detail and quality. The client’s nod of approval is recognition of a ‘Job Well Done’.